Energy storage system of the RPI Series.

The complete solution including inverter for a self-sufficient power supply.

The RPI Series offers electricity storage and hybrid inverters in an all-in-one solution. In combination with a PV system or the public power grid, this system offers a complete solution for use primarily in the home. The complete energy storage solution is particularly user-friendly, has several operating modes, intelligent control via app and flexible setting options that help to control the charging and discharging of electricity.

RPI Electricity Storage Features:

  • Microgrid concept to optimise power consumption.
  • Intelligent control via app to meet flexible electricity demand
  • Modular, stackable design (depending on the model)
  • Emergency power supply in case of power failure
  • Highly integrated: easy to install and operate
  • Compatible: compatible with various PV systems
  • Complete: with PV-DC connection and integrated hybrid inverter
  • Hybrid system with diesel generator possible
  • Recommended for homes, public buildings, small and medium enterprises or factories
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

RPI Series. The comfort solution with integrated hybrid inverter.

A smart solution for storing electricity. Choose the right model for your application.

ModelRPI-LVA610SRPI-B (6 kW)RPI-B (10 kW)RPI-HV1020TRPI-HV1025T
Maximum Capacity (kWh)104.8 – 19.24.8 – 28.820.4825.6
Maximum Continuous (kW)66101010
Battery Pack Qty21 – 41 – 645
Voltage Output (Vac)230230230/400360~440360~440
Frequency Output (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
Working Temp (°C)-20~55-20~60-20~60-15~55-15~55
IP Class656565IP20IP20
PV MAX Voltage Input (V)600580110010001000
PV MAX Power Input (kW)90001000020000413
MPP Trackers22322


DimensionsRPI-LVA610SRPI-B (6 kW)RPI-B (10 kW)RPI-HV1020TRPI-HV1025T
A – Length mm700590590600600
B – Width mm212205205420420
C – Height mm132040541615301730
Weight kg14119.525299353

Always informed. With the app for your PV system.

Download the LSHE app for your RPI energy storage system now from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

System requirements:
Smartphones from Android 4.4 or IOS 11

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