Power storage for small and large projects.

BU ENERGY offers electricity storage units for mobile use, for the home or for industrial use. Our battery storage units are designed to be modular and stackable, so that they offer the greatest possible flexibility. The modules are expandable, have intelligent control via app, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are CE and TÜV certified.

RPI Series.
The comfort battery storage with integrated inverter.

A smart solution for storing electricity. Choose the right model for your application. The RPI Series offers electricity storage and inverter in one complete solution. The complete electricity storage solution is particularly user-friendly, has several operating modes, intelligent control via app and flexible setting options that help to control the charging and discharging of electricity.

CP Series.
Smart battery storage for business.

The CP Series is designed for use in small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a modular, expandable and rapidly deployable energy system and can be combined with renewable energy or surplus electricity to store the energy of overproduction and supply energy when the main energy supply is scarce. The CP energy storage system can serve as a standby power supply when the main power supply is switched off.

Our experts make you experts.

For a certified installation.

Our experts train experts from the trade to ensure optimal installation of our premium products. As a partner of the trade, we support you in installing a photovoltaic system that is as uncomplicated, simple and durable as possible.

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PV modules?

LSHE PV modules work with intelligent Multi-Bus-Bar (MBB) technology. This means that by using a larger number of bus bars, the distances between the bus bars are reduced and thus the internal resistance losses are reduced. The risk of micro-cracks is also reduced by the smaller spacing. In addition, MBB cells use rather round wires, which additionally provide for a scattering of the incident light. This means that the incident light can be absorbed even better.

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